Mission Statement

The College Park PTA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, helps to provide College Park students with programs that complement core instruction, such as technology, art, reading resources, and science enrichment. The College Park PTA also assists in fostering a strong community of parents, teachers & staff, students and neighbors through community events and programs.


The mission of our PTA is to inspire students to achieve their full potential by providing the resources and programs that will enrich their multicultural learning experience, developing a united community among students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators, and advocating for the benefit of children and families.


Our goals are to:

  • support academic learning for all students

  • enrich the school experience for all students

  • support our teachers and staff

  • connect our school with our families and our community

  • provide special events and programs

  • advocate for educational excellence in our district

  • advocate for educational support in our state and nation

Our Team


The PTA is made up of College Park parents, teachers and staff. Members are invited to attend the PTA General Assemblies which meet regularly throughout the school year.

Executive Board 

The Executive PTA Board meets monthly to carry out PTA business. Executive board members include parent volunteers who are elected annually in addition to the School Principal.  


College Park PTA Board of Directors

Principal: Kathryn Singh

President: Shauna Lawry

Exec. VP: Pinkey Tsang

Treasurer   : Cathy Lin

Secretary : Doug Cristini

Financial Secretary: Cathy Szeto

Fundraising: Winnie Tungpagasit

Community Liaison : Otto Rodriguez-Batres 

Membership: Connie Chang

Historian: Theresa Shek

Parliamentarian: Drake Lobo

Auditor: Paul Willard 

annual membership


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