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How can you get involved?

Join the PTA

We encourage every College Park family to support your students by becoming a PTA member. 


Our PTA is made up of busy College Park parents, teachers and staff, just like you and me! PTA annual membership is $10 per adult family member. For those parents who are able to contribute more, the PTA suggests an additional tax-deductible donation of $650 per student.


What are the benefits of PTA membership?

Have a vote in the social, educational and fundraising events for College Park families and community, and generally help improve the well-being of our students.


Are there eligibility requirements?

Only one:  pay the $10 annual membership fee.


What are the responsibilities of PTA members?

Voice your opinions on the issues and events that interest you.  The PTA General Assembly meets regularly and is open to all PTA members, but there is no requirement to attend meetings or provide volunteer services.


Why should I join the PTA?

Show your child(ren) that you care about their education!


suggested donation

annual membership



Every family is requested to volunteer at least 20 hours per school year.

A key element of College Park’s academic excellence is the outstanding volunteerism among College Park families. Please contact any one of the PTA board members and let us know which areas you'd like to assist.


Are you ready to jump in? Please sign up for a volunteer shift today!​   Thank you!

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